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January 11, 2011 / ga_yeonx3

“What’s the importance of viewers” Drama Receives Early Termination

Like the title says… this news is very sad.

MBC has made the decision to make their 120 episode daily drama to a mere 50 episodes. There are cases where mini series get extended or shortened but it is very rare for the daily drama.

The writer Na Hyun sook said on the 11th, “At the end of the year when episode 24 aired I heard that the drama may only air to the end of February but just last week I heard that the last episode will be aired at the end of this month.” She claimed that, “It is extreme to broadcast 6 months of material in 1 month when the 24th episode just aired.”

The first airing of ‘Stormy Lovers’ was Nov. 18th and it portrays the story of Hotel CEO Madam Min Hye Sung hiring a nanny for her family. Rather than focusing on conspiracy and conflict this drama focused on forgiveness and understanding. This drama first became popular news when great veteran actors and actress were casted- Jung Bo Suk, Kim Min Ja, Son Changmin, Choi Myung Gil, Shim Hye Jin. Even with these great actors, the drama has shown single digit ratings all the way through.

Writer Na said, “Since viewers age 15 and up can watch this drama I wanted to write a drama that had deploring situations but was heartwarming at the same time.” She also said, “It was planned to write this kind of drama (and now) they want to end it early because of low viewer ratings. That is just not right.”

One [unmentioned] actor/actress said, “When I heard the news at the beginning of the month saying that the drama was ending early I was very flustered and it put a scar on my pride.” It was also stated that, “I think that MBC wanted to try out a drama with a star writer and veteran actors but when it did not work out, I think they made that that decision. MBC officials explain, “After doing an internal review of this drama, at the company level we want to prevent failure. We will take appropriate action for the damage to the actors and writer of this drama.”

Drama Critic Korean Literature University Professor Yoon Seok Jin said, “In today’s society it is more important for the broadcasting company to receive profit than to respect the viewer’s right. This leaves a precedent for the families who like to watch daily dramas at night together.”

Credits: Reporter 이은주기자 & Kpopmania@wordpress

I do think that the writer is partly to blame for this. The writer started this drama with so many unanswered questions. I think that the writer focused too much on introducing relationships rather than to develop them. It was also very hard to do recaps because of the vagueness at the beginning. At the end of the day Koreans want to sit down to a drama with a story that flows and not have to analyze it at the end of every day.
70 episodes is a drastic cut. MBC and the writer should have worked together to possibly get higher numbers.

My hope for Hwanhee is that he will not be discouraged and keep on acting in the future.

November 29, 2010 / ga_yeonx3

Stormy Lovers

Hello people who come across this blog.
I will no longer be doing the episode summaries for Stormy Lovers.
There is another person who does much more detailed and better summaries than I do.

I will be posting news here occasionally.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

November 23, 2010 / ga_yeonx3

‘Stormy Lovers’ Hwanhee, receives a passing grade for acting


Singer turned actor Hwanhee is becoming recognized for his very charismatic acting in MBC’s daily drama ‘Stormy Lovers’.

On the Nov. 17th broadcasting of ‘Stormy Lovers’ in episodes 1 and 2 Hwanhee’s character Im Hara return to Korea from an American airport with Phillip (played by Jang Han Eum). Im Hara becomes mistaken that Lee Tae Hee (played by Cha Soo Yeon) is Phillip’s birth mother and some interesting things happen because of that.

In the drama Hwanhee goes eye to eye level for Phillip who is estranged to Korea and shows a tender side of him. On the other hand, he shows another side where he lectures Tae Hee which showed his controlling side.

Particularly, the carefree yet subjective documentary character of PD Im Hara is a natural and is getting reviews showing great acting.

The drama staff said, “Hwanhee is an actor that really grasps on to his character. The ‘Im Hara’ character will be elevated another level to be more charming so it is good to anticipate.”

On the other hand ‘Stormy Lovers’ will air every week Monday to Friday (except when broadcast schedule changes) at 8:15 (Korean time).

[Today’s Economy Star Today Reporter Cho Eun Young]

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November 19, 2010 / ga_yeonx3

Stormy Lovers Ep.2

So the episode starts off where it left off from last time how Yoo Dae Kwon does not want to hire Hyung Chul because he wants the best of the best for his company. Hyung Chul doesn’t want to be a chef but he wants to be a businessman. Yoo Dae Kwon will keep Hyung Chul’s profile on hold for the time being.
Im Hara is riding in the car with Lee Tae Hee and he mistakes her as the child’s mother but she really is the aunt of the child. There was a problem with the plane in Detroit and Hara promised the child that he will protect him forever. Phillip (the child) was relieved after Hara promised him that and followed him. Hara scolds Tae Hee about why she threw away her “own” child and not even shed a tear when she saw him but Tae Hee only thanks him for bringing him. Hara asks Tae Hee, “Even though I was paid to bring him here, why must you kill the child’s soul 100 times over?” Hara only rode the car because the child will not let go of him. He tells Tae Hee that she should listen closely to the lyrics of that song that she was listening to since it said something like love is the truth. Hara tells her to raise the child well. The child is distraught that Hara let him go.
Hyung Chul makes another attempt at making Gujeolpan. Yoo Dae Kwon is discussing business matters when they get room service. Hyung Chul still remains as giddy as before to Yoo Dae Kwon’s surprise after he did not recruit him. Hyung Chul is thankful that he gets to serve Yoo Dae Kwon again.
Byulneo is narrating that she is sorry that she will be leaving these kids. She bids them farewell in her heart.
If all goes well, Geomoo will be inheriting the island. Geomoo doesn’t think that a young man who will spend his whole life on the island as successful. Min Hye Sung has been taking care of the island for 30 years now.
Min Hye Sung and the first daughter in law make a visit to see the second daughter in law. Hye Sung tells her daughter in law that she should temporarily stop acting in plays but she does not listen. The second daughter in law has already stopped and returned. It seems as though the comeback has been hard so she will not quit for now.
Phillip is begging to take him back to Hara and is giving Tae Hee a hard time. Min Hye Sung and her daughter in law overhear this and walk in.
Tae Joon calls his mother saying that he will be working late. He tells her that the photos may have reached to his wife’s parents. (These photos are of his wife with another man). Since Tae Joon is a well known prosecutor, it could tarnish his image and the whole family’s image. Tae Joon tells his mother that it is best to pay off Tae Hoon’s debt one more time. She tells him to return. It is unclear that the mother will return the money and Tae Joon is denying that Phillip is his child.
Hara watches the film clip of when he promised Phillip that he will protect him forever. When Hara asks Phillip what his mother and father do Phillip shakes his head both times because he does not know. Hara gets a call from his boss that a woman with his child is coming to see him.
Tae Hoon will not believe that Phillip is his son until they have a DNA test done. Tae Hoon says that the woman is hardly someone that he can remember and he denies the fact that Phillip may be his son. He tells his mother that the debt collectors are after him and he may die when he is caught. His mother tells him quit making movies and find Phillip’s mother, get married to her and find a another job.
A call from Hye Sung came saying that the child that Byulneo Seo has come and that she needs her as soon as possible. Byulneo says that there are more children that she needs to take care of where she lives but her grandfather tells her that she will not only be looking after that one child but that she will be studying too.
Hyung Chul prepares Aeri’s favorite dish for breakfast. Hung Chul jokes around with her while she is playing a little game of hard to get.
Yoo Dae Kwon is flying back while doing business on the plane. They talk about Hyung Chul when they get his resume and he is the grandson of the famous hotelier Min Hye Sung.
Yoo Aeri is reading a newspaper article about the meeting that her father held in San Francisco. Hyung Chul acted surprised to see her there. Hyung Chul knew that Aeri was going to be on this flight instead of with her father and he usually doesn’t ride those planes but he has accumulated enough mileage to upgrade his flight. Haha Hyung Chul’s prayer was funny, “Please don’t let this girl be a Barbie doll.”
Tae Hee asks Hara to persuade Phillip to go to the doctor. Hara asks her, “Did you want to make the child suffer twice or have a chance to meet with him again?” She replies with, “Why make empty promises to a child?” Hara wants for Tae Hee to find the child’s father and not him. Hara goes with them to the hospital and the doctor says that all Phillip needs is a loving family since Phillip is at the age where family is everything. The doctor thinks that Hara and Tae Hee are the parents of Phillip and Hara’s jeans are giving him a bad impression to both Tae Hee and the doctor. Hara tells Phillip that he should eat, sleep and play well. Phillip is not willing to let Hara go yet and he asks him to take him home and if he could call him as well.
Tae hoon gets the money back to pay off his debt but gets his major possessions taken away from him. Tae Joon tries his best to get out of it but the sister in law is smart with her words. Phillip has arrived and she wants him to greet him at the door. Tae Hee tells Tae Hoon to receive the child and Hara forces the child on him. My guess as to why Tae Hee emphasized the word oppa is that she is trying to get the point across that she is not married and maybe that Phillip is not hers but that is my guess. Tae Hoon asks who Hara is but she says that he should concern for his own child. This is when Phillip wakes right up and they are both surprised.
—The end… the preview I will leave a mystery.
Let me know what you think of this summary in the comments below.

November 18, 2010 / ga_yeonx3

Stormy Lovers Ep.1

Wow, finally this long anticipated drama has started.
If you haven’t done so already, please go and read the summary and character descriptions for this drama.
It will help a lot to understand the summary more. It would also be helpful to get familar with the characters too.
Since this is the first episode, the summary won’t be very clear so as the drama progresses, they will start to make more sense hopefully. Since I will not be subbing this drama, I decided to go with episode summaries. I’m sorry that there will not be consistent summaries everyday but I will try my best to release them as soon as possible. Let me know what you think in the comments. Please follow @kpopmanialove if you have a twitter.

The drama starts off with Byulnyeo (Choi Eun Seo’s) character ringing a bell.
Geomoo is just singing with his guitar while his father wants him to help but Geomoo acts like he doesn’t hear him.
When they hear that the master is coming Geomoo runs in the church where Byulnyeo is playing the piano. He signals for her to come out while she wants to know why but doesn’t go.
We now meet Hyung Chul who is about to graduate school in the States. As you heard in the conversation which is in English, he is preparing a royal Korean Dish called Gujeolpan.
Byulnyeo got caught taking the books of the lady she works for (?) but Geomoo tries to take the blame. Although she is terribly sorry for taking the books, she dreams to be a famous writer someday. Unexpectedly, the owner understands and she offers Byulnyeo to come to Seoul and read all the books that she wants from the book collection.
Everyone is impressed by Hyung Chul’s Gujeolpan. It looks like this.
Now we are introduced to Yoo Dae Won and his daughter Yoo Aeri. The daughter reminds the father that they are in San Francisco (at the Golden Gate bridge) but he wants to concentrate on his work since it is best for the company and because they are the World’s Best. Once they enter the hotel, they are surprised to see that they are being served Gujeolpan.
Just incase Yoo Dae Won’s english was unclear. He said that it might be the farewell party for some of the people at the table which leaves people in shock.
It turns out that the lady that Byulneo works for is a CEO of a famous hotel. She tells Byulnyeo’s father/relative that she will be taking Byulneo to Seoul to help her pass the college entrace exam.
The first daughter in law arrives and the two discuss the what is going on with the second son.
The second son Lee Tae Joon is a prosecutor who is covering one of Korea’s most watched cases. There have been photos found which is a strong evidence. (Maybe there will be details on this later). When he leaves his office he is bombarded by reporters wanting to know more information. He only says a few statements to make the reporters back off.

Now we are introduced to these two characters. They are trying to act out a scene but then they get interrupted by a phone call.
Lee Tae Joon is mad at his co-worker(?). His wife enters the car and he asks her about the photos. In the photo it is his wife with another man. The photos have been delivered to his mother and she has left home. The only thing that Tae Joon wants is the truth. She leaves after telling him that he should live for himself and not for his mother.
Now we meet the 3rd on Lee Tae Hoon. He has a car full of girls but the girls think that the lady who is waiting for him is his wife but she really is his sister. She tells Tae Hoon that their mother will no longer take care of his big debts but he fears that he will be put in jail and put his brother’s job on the line. He shouldn’t be concerned about that then Tae Hee tells him that his son is arriving via airplane and he should go to the airport. He tells her to send him back.
Tae Hoon son arrives with Im Hara PD. He nametag says: This is Lee Tae Hoon’s son Lee Phillip and to contact the number as soon as possible. Im Hara asks Tae Hee if she is the child’s mother but she says What?! in kind of a formal way.
Min Hye Sung discusses with her daughter in law about the business that her first son is doing in America. The daughter in law is surprised to hear that she knows. Then the daughter in law gets a call from her husband and he wants them to join him. Lee Tae Sup (the first son) tells his wife that Tae Hoon begged for money to pay off his debt so that his older brother’s reputation would not be tarnished.
Yoo Dae Kwon is doing more business in the hotel. He talks to Hyung Chul because he was impressed by his dish. Hyung Chul tells him that he is working at the hotel as a part-time job. Hyung Chul luckily met Steve Johnson in the elevator and they discuss that the project that they were working on. He was then scouted to work. Yoo Dae Kwon tells him that he looks great in the chef uniform. They discuss Hyung Chul’s qualifications and discuss the Goojeolpan dish that Hyung Chul made. After conversing Yoo Aeri tells Hyung Chul her father likes a modest person more than a smart person. He uses his wits to tell her off. They converse some more but Yoo Dae Kwon is not impressed with Hyung Chul. Yoo Dae Kwon tells Hyung Chul that he cannot scout him because he needs to hire all the right people for his company.


I am aware that the details in this summary is somewhat vague but there is only so much that you can put in the first episode, I am hoping as the drama progress, things will be explained more in detail.

September 25, 2010 / ga_yeonx3

New Blog


I have decided to start this blog to put all my work in.
Now, I don’t have to post from forum to forum.
Sorry, now this is another place you will have to check for updates.

I don’t know how often I will be able to update this blog.
How often this blog is updated also depends on when the news comes out.

Since this blog is run only by me, I will need to update it more often.
Hopefully it all goes well.

Cheers to the new beginning of this blog~!

Some FAQs

Will you still post on forums?
Not really, the reason I have started this blog is to avoid posting from forum to forum.
If I do, I will probably do so to clear up misconceptions or answer questions.

Can I take your work out to my forum/site?
Yes you can. Please, please, please post with credits. That is all that I ask.
Karma will come to get you if you credit others work as your own or not give them credit. Translating is a lot harder than copying and pasting.
If I have already given you permission one point in time to post my work, you don’t need to ask. If you have never asked for permission before, please do so then I can know where my work is going.

June 28, 2009 / ga_yeonx3

Hello world!

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